Chemistry 200 Important Questions Useful for all Competitive Exams

1. Acid Rain is caused by? SO2 and NO2
2.Pungent Smell from the Urinals is due to? Ammonia
3. Acid found in Grapes, Bananas, Tamarind? Tartartic Acid
4. Constituent of Brass? Zinc and Copper
5. Chemical Name of Laughing Gas? N2O
6. Main Constituent of Biogas? CH4 (Methane)
7. Nobel Gases? Helium, Neon, Argon, Xenon, Radon
8. Chemical name of Hypo? Sodium Thiosulphate
9. Who gave Atomic Theory? John Dalton
10. Bright Red color in crackers is due to? Strontium
11. Which Acid is described as HOOC-COOH? Oxalic Acid
12. Coal having maximum carbon content? Anthracite
13. The free electrons are in? Outermost shell in Orbit
14. Calamine is an ore of? Zinc
15. Non-Metal liquid at room temperature? Bromine
16. Liquid Metal at room temperature? Mercury
17. Good Electrical Conductor? Graphite
18. Inert gases are? Chemically Unreactive in Nature
19. Gas used in preparation of Bleaching powder? Chlorine
20. Metal present in Chlorophyll? Magnesium
21. Element with lowest melting point? Helium
22. Ilmenite is an ore of? Titanium
23. Atomic Explosion is due to? Uncontrolled Chain Reaction
24. What is known as Carbolic Acid? Phenol
25. In fermentation of sugar, what is formed? Ethyl Alcohol
26. Highest quality of Hard Coal? Anthracite
27. The color of a star indicate its? Temperature
28. Major component of LPG? Butane and Propane
29. Ozone consists of? Oxygen Only
30. Galena is an ore of? Lead
31. Chemical name of Baking Soda? Sodium Bi Carbonate
32. Chemical name of Washing Soda? Sodium Carbonate
33. Alpha Particles are? Doubly Charged Nuclei
34. 2nd Lightest gas of all elements? Helium
35. Lightest gas of all elements? Hydrogen
36. Dry Ice is? Solid Carbon Di Oxide
37. Chemical name of Quartz is? Silicon Dioxide
38. Elements of d-block are called? Transition Elements
39. Purest form of water in nature is? Rain Water
40. pH Value of Acid ranges in? 0-7
41. pH Value of Base ranges in? 7-14
42. What is neither Acidic nor Basic? Mineral Water
43. pH Value of Milk? 6.6
44. pH Value of Blood? 7.35-7.45
45. Vertical Lines in Modern Periodic Table are called? Group (Horizontal Lines are called Period)
46. Elements in Group Zero are called? Noble Elements
47. Detergents clean the surfaces due to? Surface Tension
48. Gas used in Artificial Ripening of fruits? Acetylene
49. Milk is sour due to presence of? Lactic Acid
50. Gas used in Fire Extinguisher? CO2
51. Substance used in Rat Poison? Potassium Cyanide
52. Rusting of Iron Rod is due to? Oxygen & Moisture
53. Sodium is commonly kept in the? Kerosene Oil
54. Maximum Density of Water is at? 4 oC
55. White Phosphorous is placed under the? Cold Water
56. Gas filled in the Air-balloons for flying? Helium
57. Common salt in Detergents? Sulphate
58. Speed of sound is maximum in? Solids
59. Metal with highest electrical conductivity? Silver
60. Chemical name of D2O? Heavy Water
61. Which metal is non-toxic in nature? Gold
62. Most Essential element of all compounds? Carbon
63. Coolant in Nuclear Reactors? Liquid Sodium
64. Which is a good nuclear fuel? Plutonium 239
65. Which rocks are transformed into Marbles? Limestones
66. Which element can be made artificially? Plutonium
67. Source of light in Fluorescent Lamps? Mercury Vapors
68. 1st metal used by man? Copper
69. Material that is very hard and ductile? Nichrome
70. Metal used in Heaters? Nichrome Wires
71. Element obtained from the sea weeds? Iodine
72. Which rays will deflect in electric field? Cathode Rays
73. Which soil is best suited for Cotton? Regur Soil/Black Soil
74. Chocolates can be bad for health due to? Nickel
75. What makes Lemon Sour? Citric Acid
76. Metal used in Photo Films? Silver
77. If Blue Litmus turns Red, then it is? Acid
78. If Red Litmus turns Blue, then it is? Base
79. If there is no change in the Litmus color then it is? Neutral
80. Another name of RDX (Explosive)? Cyclonite
81. Bee-Sting leaves which acid? Methanoic & Formic Acid
82. Acid used to remove Ink & Dust stains? Oxalic Acid
83. Natural source of Gamma Rays? Radon Gas
84. Which is also known as Stranger Gas? Xenon
85. Element with lowest Electron affinity? Argon
86. What is the base of modern periodic table? Atomic Number
87. Ruby & Sapphires are known as? Aluminum Oxides
88. Gas in Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984? Methyl Isocyanate
89. Metal with highest density? Osmium
90. Materials suitable for purification of water? Zeolites
91. Permanent hardness of water can be removed by? NA2CO3
92. Main constituent of Vinegar? Acetic Acid
93. Soda water contains? CO2
94. Balloons are filled with which gas? Helium
95. What is used in Storage Batteries? Lead
96. Main Constituent in Cement? Limestone
97. In vulcanization, natural rubber is heated with? Sulphur
98. What is used as filler in Rubber Tyres? Carbon Black
99. Main constituent of Gobar Gas? Methane
100. Which is known as White Vitriol? ZnSO4.7H2O
101. Which fertilizer has more nitrogen content? Urea
102. Cooking gas is a mixture of? Butane+Propane
103. Litmus paper obtained in Labs is obtained from? Lichens
104. Food wrapped in paper is unhealthy due to? Lead
105. What is a metamorphic rock? Slate
106. What is the best conductor of electricity? Salt Water
107. Which has the least penetrating power? Alpha Rays
108. Which has the most penetrating power? Gamma Rays
109. Which element of Group 17 is Radioactive? Astatine
110. Chemically Inactive gas in Atmosphere? Argon
111. Which element has 2 electrons in its K Shell only? Helium
112. Which gas is predominant in the Sun? Hydrogen
113. Which gas is essential in photosynthesis? CO2
114. Which has similar mass to that of electron? Positron
115. What is called Philosopher’s Wool? Zinc Oxide
116. In the leaf of Tobacco what is found? Nicotin
117. What is most soluble in water? Sugar
118. Which metal pollutes the air of a city? Lead
119. Element found in largest amount in Human Body? Oxygen
120. Which is a non-ferrous metal? Aluminium
121. Formula of Plaster of Paris? CaSO4.2H2O
122. IC Chips in Computers are made up of? Silicon
123. Which gas is used for refrigeration? Ammonia
124. Which metal can be cut through knife? Sodium
125. Element can be best characterized by? Atomic Number
126. What is used in preparing match sticks? Red Phosphorous
127. Natural source of Hydrocarbon? Biomass
128. Who proposed the Atomic Principles of Matter? Dalton
129. Most Electronegative element? Fluorine
130. Who invented Proton? Ernest Rutherford
131. Who invented Electron? JJ Thompson
132. Who invented Neutron? James Chadwick
133. Which sub atomic particle has maximum mass? Neutron
134. Which is not a nucleon? Positron
135. Strongest Oxidizing Agent is? Fluorine
136. Mass Number is the sum of? Protons+Neutrons
137. Element does not contain silver? German Silver
138. Aluminium is extracted from? Bauxite
139. Metal with least melting point? Mercury
140. The King of Metal? Gold
141. Glass is a? Super Cooled Liquid
142. Most Bad Conductor of Electricity is? Lead
143. Most Important Ore of Lead is? Galena
144. Quartz is a type of? Silicon DiOxide
145. Ruby & Sapphires are the oxides of? Aluminium
146. Element used in Electric Bulb? Tungsten
147. What is wood spirit? Methyl Alcohol
148. Sulphuric Acid is? DiBasic
149. The famous Gun Powder is a mixture of? Nitrate+Sulphur+Charcoal
150. Tritium is an isotope of? Hydrogen
151. Radioactivity is the fission of? Nucleus
152. Rayon is formed by? Cellulose
153. PVC is obtained by polymerization of? Vinyl Chloride
154. Main constituent of Air is? Nitrogen (78%)
155. Micro Organisms which monitor Air Pollution? Lichens
156. Freyon is used as? Coolant
157. Paper is made by? Cellulose of Plants
158. Light Scattering takes place in? Collodial Solution
159. 4th state of matter is? Plasma
160. Iron & Manganese are removed in process of? Filtration
161. Charcoal is used in water treatment as? Adsorbent
162. The chemical name of Philosopher Wool is? Zinc Oxide
163. Most commonly user Bleaching agent is? Chlorine
164. Why Helium is used in Air Balloons? Lighter than Air
165. Sour taste of Coca Cola is due to? Phosphoric Acid
166. Element with highest ionization energy is? Helium
167. Caustic Soda is? Deliquescent
168. Most abundant element on the Earth? Oxygen
169. Chloroform can be used as an? Anesthetic
170. Tip of the match stick contains? Red Phosphorous
171. Chemical name of Common Salt? Sodium Chloride
172. Plaster of Paris is partial dehydration of? Gypsum Salt
173. Glucose is a type of? Hexose Sugar
174. The gas dissolved in water and makes it basic? Ammonia
175. Hydrogen was discovered by? Cavendish
176. Bagasse is used in the manufacturing of? Paper
177. The inert gas used as the Beacon Light is? Neon
178. Which gas absorbs UV Rays coming from sun? Ozone
179. Which gas is used as Anesthetic? Nitrous Oxide
180. Polythene is formed by? Ethylene
181. Petroleum is a mixture of? Hydrocarbons
182. Kitchen Gas or LPG is a mixture of? Butane+Propane
183. Unit to express the Nuclear Radii? Fermi
184. Natural Radioactivity discoverer? Henry Becquerel
185. Uranium decays into the isotope of? Lead
186. In India, Nuclear Test was conducted in? Pokhran
187. Isotope of what is used in Nuclear Energy? U-235
188. Which reaction is the most harmful one? Nuclear Fission
189. The base used as an Antacid? Magnesium Hydroxide
190. Which metal is found in free state? Copper
191. What is used in the Pencils? Graphite
192. What is used to clean the jewelry? Aqua Resia
193. Fire-Fighting Clothes are made up of? Asbestos
194. 1 carat of Diamond is equal to? 200mg
195. Which is the strongest coagulant? Aluminium Chloride
196. Air Pollution by ‘Fly Ash’ is caused by? Cement Industry
197. Element not present in Stainless Steel? Tungsten
198. The Iron ore containing 72% Iron? Magnetite
199. Purest Form of Iron? Wrought Iron
200. Bronze is an alloy of? Copper+Tin

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