2000 Rupees Note Ban News 2023

 A new notification has been issued by the government, 2000 note is going to be BAN in India.

 Reserve Bank of India' (RBI) has issued a circular today i.e. on 19 May 2023, in which it is going to close the 2000 rupee note.

 People are very upset due to the information about the closure of 2000 notes, RBI has issued this information that the public does not need to worry.

 RBI has taken this decision under the Clean Note Policy.  Under this circular, the notes can be returned to the bank till 30 September.

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The process of exchanging 2000 notes is going to start from 30 May 2023. You can easily get your note changed by going to the bank.

 According to government data, at present Rs 2000 notes worth Rs 3.62 lakh crore are in circulation.  But the transaction is getting very less.

 There are 2000 rupee notes, they have to be exchanged from the bank.  For this, the time till May 23 till September 30 has been fixed.