Anupama and Vanraj had a rift in the TV show Anupama

 The reason for the rift is Anupama's daughter Chhoti Anupama

 These days there is a lot of discussion going on about Anuj's daughter in Anupama show.

 Anupama and Anuj have adopted a baby girl

 Anupama and Anuj have come to Kapadia Horse with that girl.

 Now both will take that girl to meet the Shah family.

 When the younger Anupama goes to meet the Shah family, there will be a spectacle.

 A lot of happiness is going to come in Anuj's life.

 Anupama TV show will take a very interesting turn right now

 The Kapadia family gets shocked seeing little Anupama.

 Barkha also protests in front of Anuj about this matter.

 There is a little rift between Barkha and Anuj.

 Anuj gives a befitting reply to Barkha

 Anuj says little Anu and Anupama are an important part of his life.

 Anupama is worried about how she will get little Anu from the Shah family.

 How will Vanraj and Pakhi get reacted?

 You will get to know all these things in today's episode.

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