Let's  meets  Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly's)  real family

 Rupali Ganguly is the actress of TV show Anupama.

 Rupali Ganguly is very much in discussion these days.

 Rupali Ganguly's real family

 Rupali Ganguly has a husband and a son in her family.

 Rupali Ganguly is married to Ashwin K Verma

 Both of them also have a lovely son named Rudransh.

 Rupali often uploads her family pictures on social media.

 There is a lot of love in Rupali's family

 Just as Rupali Ganguly stays with her family in TV, Rupali keeps her family in her house as well.

 But Rupali Ganguly has a huge family

 in which all the members of his family are

 Whenever she gets time, Rupali goes to meet her.

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