Nick Johns and Priyanka Chopra celebrated their daughter's birthday

 Priyanka Chopra's daughter's name is Malti

 Today Priyanka Chopra's daughter was a 6 month old.

 In the picture, her daughter is seen in a cute se frock.

 Priyanka shared a picture on social media

 Nick John Priyanka Chopra and her daughter Malti are together in that picture

 But Priyanka Chopra hasn't revealed her daughter's face yet.

 She has not shown his daughter's face even on this picture.

 Both three are looks so cute together

 Six months is written on Malti's frock

Priyanka Chopra

 This cute family picture of Priyanka Chopra is becoming very viral on social media.

 If you haven't seen this picture yet, check it out

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