Gum H Kissi Ke Pyar Mai is about to come in front of everyone, the truth of Pakhi

 The truth about Pakhi's pregnancy has come to the fore.

 Sai asked Pakhi to tell this to everyone

 Pakhi threatens to kill Sai

 The TV show Gum Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar Mein is about to take an interesting turn.

 All the truth of Pakhi has been exposed in front of Sai.

 Pakhi asks Sai to hide this fact from everyone.

 Virat used to believe in Pakhi till now, but now he has doubts on Pakhi.

Virat is about to take a big step

 Today's episode is going to be a lot more fun

 Today's episode will be very interesting

Ranveer singh call urfi javed fashion icon 

Rubina show bigboss attitude on kkk12