The glamorous look of Pakhi from the TV show GHKKPM

 The actress who played the role of Pakhi i.e. Patralekha in the TV show Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar

 Pakhi real name is Aishwarya Sharma

 Aishwarya is a famous actress of TV world

 aishwarya sharma is very stylish

 Aishwarya keeps uploading her new pictures on social media

 Tell you in real life Pakhi is Virat's wife.

 The simple Pakhi who seen in the TV show is very beautiful

 Her style can make anyone crazy

 Aishwarya Sharma's fans are making beautiful comments after seeing her desi style.

 This desi look of her is very different

New look of Aishwarya Sharma.

Mahira Sharma's desi style will injure you