Twist Toshu Ki Jayegi Jaan is coming in the TV show Anupama

 TV show Anupama is in a lot of discussion these days.

 These days a lot of ups and downs are being seen in the TV show Anupama.

 People like it too much

 Anupama's elder son Toshu is going to have an accident in the coming days.

 There's a big stop coming to this show

 Kinjal will be very upset after Toshu's accident

 Due to which the condition of Kinjal's child will also get worse.

 TV show Anupama is going to take new turns in the coming days.

 The show Anupamaa is collecting TRP with new twists

 New twists are attracting people

 Tv show Anupama is the show with highest TRP

 People like Anupama's character very much in this show.

 Recently, Anupama's daughter Chhoti Anupama has entered the show.

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